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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get to the Core of Beauty and Good Health

In Photo: Joshua Lipsey (PTS, CTS, PFS), founder and director of Core Concepts, Inc.

A beautiful physique and good health share a secret--a strong, stable core. That's right, a svelte and toned core not only bestows sex appeal, but it equips its holder with functional fitness. Nobody understands the importance of this winning combination better than the master of core fitness himself, Joshua Lipsey (PTS, CTS, PFS) --a former professional basketball player and model turned personal trainer.

Lipsey is the creator of a new way of training called Core Concepts, a.k.a.TransCOREmation, which he teaches at his Toronto-based studio, Core Concepts Inc. The idea of Core Concepts arose from Lipsey's own experience of dealing with a slipped disc in his back. He felt that the treatment that he was receiving for his back needed to be expanded upon in order to promote long-term health of his core; therefore, he set out to develop a series of exercises that would result in the ultimate enhancement and stabilization of the major core muscle groups--abdominals, internal and external obliques, glutes, and upper and lower back.

Take note that Core Concepts is not your standard abdominal workout. It's designed to prevent muscular imbalances in the major and minor muscles of your core, which could lead to injury if not corrected. Lipsey explains that his method is based on what he calls "core transitions," which involve stabilization and dynamic exercises, combination movements and holds. He notes that his training approach makes the exercises harder because it prevents neuromuscular facilitation or "muscle memory." In other words, our bodies have a wonderful way of adapting to and becoming efficient at performing repetitive movements; but, by constantly changing up the exercises, the muscles are continually challenged and unable to achieve this plateau. The result of the TransCOREmation process? All around satisfaction with your new physique and functional ability.

Lipsey states that the benefits of his Core Concepts method include a long and lean torso, weight loss, improved posture, increased core stability and gains in lean muscle mass. He has had one client lose 135 pounds since beginning his program in February 2011. A decrease in injury is another benefit, according to Lipsey. He states that 98 percent of injuries involving your core are the result of muscular imbalances. He also notes that the resultant improvements in your posture will increase the longetivity of your joints because of the shift in your center of movement.

Lipsey offers some tips for individuals interested in enhancing their core. He recommends performing variations of The Plank exercise. "The Plank is the most effective core exercise because it engages your major and minor core muscles," he explains. Lipsey notes that The Plank can even be done while at work by placing your arms on the desk and planting your feet on the ground. He also suggests that you perform about 10 to 15 minutes of core exercises prior to your lunch break. He says that you will find that you tend to eat less afterward because you have exercised the core muscles that also aid in digestion.

If you want to benefit from Lipsey's methodology, but do not live near his studio in Toronto, he has a TransCOREmation DVD series available for purchase from his website C2 Core Concepts. For more information about Joshua Lipsey and Core Concepts Inc., visit

"TransCOREmation is about being true to your best self. You can't change your bone structure, but you can create the illusion of a long, lean body because of the numerous angles at which the TransCOREmation exercises are performed," states Lipsey.

Phone Interview, August 22, 2011; Joshua Lipsey (PTS, CTS, PFS), founder and director of Core Concepts Inc., 446 Spandina Road Suite 208, Toronto, ON M5P 3M2, (416) 901-9160

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