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Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Sculpted at Home with Help from "Gym-Free and Ripped"!

Certified fitness trainer Nathan Jendrick helps you claim your health in his latest book Gym-Free and Ripped.

Is it possible to become a fit and healthy you without spending hours at a gym or popping the latest fad diet pill? Yes. There is no need for gimmicks, secret formulas or fancy equipment to achieve a fit body. You can get the desired results just by working against your own body weight; and, it can be done in the comfort of your own home. This is the message that fitness expert Nathan Jendrick conveys in his latest book Gym-Free and Ripped: Weight-Free Workouts That Build and Sculpt.

Jendrick is a certified fitness trainer whose clientele includes competitive body builders and Olympic gold medalists. In Gym-Free and Ripped, he presents more than just a fitness program, he offers a lifestyle. Jendrick recognizes that many people are confused about what is required to get fit and healthy. This confusion is due, in part, to conflicting health reports in the media and advertising claims made by wellness companies.  "Everyone thinks you need fancy equipment or a gimmick [and] this causes them to feel daunted and nervous. They don't know where to start.....[but] there is a simple process to being and getting healthy," he stated during our recent phone interview. That process requires only one thing--you.  "People are designed to be fit using nothing but their bodies," he noted in his book.

In order to have a successful journey toward better health, Jendrick explained that you need to personalize your diet and exercise plan because every one's body responds differently. The gym-free approach serves as a base and he encourages you to make adjustments to it according to what works best for you. "No exercise program or practice or diet plan works for everyone, but there is one constant--everybody can find what works for them and be able to take control of their life with dedication," he stated.

The gym-free mindset is about empowerment and claiming your health. In order to do that, you have to become equipped with the know-how. In Gym-Free and Ripped, Jendrick teaches you how to effectively implement a healthy lifestyle. He clarifies the process by providing you with detailed instructions and photographs depicting how to perform weight-free exercises that can be done virtually anywhere. Furthermore, Jendrick presents exercises that can be performed with fitness accessories, such as a fitness ball, for individuals who are interested in adding variety to their routine or who want to make it more challenging. He also offers advice on nutrition, along with giving you recipes to help you incorporate healthy foods into your diet. Without proper nutrition, your body is unable to build muscle and burn fat.

Although regular exercise and eating a healthy diet are important for good health, so is adequate rest. To function at your best, your body needs to be able to recover from the demands placed on it. Jendrick stresses this point during our interview. "Being active isn't when you are putting on muscle. It is when your body is at rest that it is able to shuttle nutrients to the muscles and repair the broken down tissue," he noted. A lack of sleep can lead to a slower metabolism and thyroid issues, according to Jendrick. "Getting enough sleep is one easy step to incorporate in your life that will do so much more than you can imagine," he stated.

To be healthy, you need to adopt a lifestyle that promotes well-being. It takes dedication and effort and an understanding of what works for you. Jendrick's Gym-Free and Ripped book provides you with the ins and outs of this process, guiding you every step of the way.

Phone Interview, August 15, 2011; Nathan Jendrick, fitness trainer and author of Gym-Free and Ripped: Weight-Free Workouts That Build and Sculpt

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