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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fitness Tips for the Holidays

You've got the list, but when you check it twice this holiday season, make sure your name is on it too. Regardless of whether you have been naughty or nice, fitness is one gift you can give to yourself that serves the dual purpose of whipping you into shape while rewarding your mind and body with good health. Fortunately, fitting exercise into a busy holiday schedule can be done when you plan ahead and have the right mindset, according to David Krainiak, owner of Michigan's Adventure Boot Camp.

"During this time of year, our lives can get very hectic, so workout routines can get disrupted or ignored," says Krainiak. "It's easy to say, a few weeks without exercise won't harm me or, I'll catch up after the New Year's. However, it will be more difficult to re-start exercising later, when you might have a few post-holiday pounds to lose," he explains. Krainiak offers these tips for staying in shape over the holidays:
  • Visualize: Envision your future self. Have you become overweight? Have you developed a chronic disease, such as diabetes? How much stamina will you have to do the things that you love? "Often, when you think of the consequences of your actions ahead of time, that will be all of the motivation you'll need to keep exercising," he notes.
  • Make it Manageable: If you cannot fit in a long exercise session, Kraniak suggests that you break it up into two or three, 10 to 15 minute sessions performed throughout the day. You can still reap the health benefits without a huge schedule commitment at any one time.
  • Schedule it Early: You are more likely to exercise if you get it done and out of the way for the rest of the day. Krainiak points out that early morning exercise can help you to become more energized for all other activities. If you are not a morning person, Krainiak suggests that you include a mini-workout while you are on your lunch break.
  • Make it Count: "Use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which is shorter in duration, but extremely effective at burning fat and keeping you in shape," recommends Krainiak.
  • Don't Say "I Can't": Often we waste more time coming up with excuses as to why we can't exercise than we would if we just exercised in the first place. Mindset is key. Krainiak says to tell yourself that "You can and will."
  • Make it Social: Grab a friend or family member and get moving together. "Statistics show that people who exercise with a friend or in a group are more successful at exercising consistently, states Krainiak. "Make a pact with friends to encourage each other should one of you feel like slacking off," he suggests.
Additionally, be creative. Think outside the box when it comes to finding ways to stay fit this season. For instance, host the office holiday party at an ice skating rink or a banquet hall with a dance floor where you and other party guests can get up and moving throughout the celebration. Or, consider a new holiday tradition that gets you active, such as cutting down your own Christmas tree.

For more information about David Krainiak and his services, visit or call toll free at (866) 861-5423.

About Michigan's Adventure Boot Camp for Women: A former personal trainer, Krainiak launched Michigan's Adventure Boot Camp for Women in October of 2007 and has added 6 other locations since. Krainiak is known as the "Go-to-Guy" in the fitness industry specializing in weight loss for women and fitness jumpstarts. Schedules and client testimonials are available at Krainiak, with over 15 years in the fitness industry, has an impressive resume listing over a dozen certifications, and has appeared or been mentioned numerous times on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, books and various media. He has been "Voted Best Male Trainer in Hour Magazine 2010, 2011."

Press Release: DKE David K Enterprises, Inc.: November 21, 2011.

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