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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Running After Motherhood

This morning I ran in the Brooksie Way Half Marathon, my first half marathon road race ever, and the first road race in about 16 years in which I have participated. I did not decide to run in this race until a few days ago and I did not formally train for it. I chose to approach it as just another exercise session, not a competition.

Motherhood has changed my perspective. I realize now that the experience in and of itself is what life is about, not the outcome. I chose to use this race experience to reminisce. The race began and ended on the campus of Oakland University (OU), my alma mater.

Upon my return to OU, I was reminded of my time as a Graduate Assistant and how concerned I was as to whether I would be able to get a job in my field of study. Interestingly, part of the race course took me near the house of a former co-worker (from that job I feared not getting). I used to visit her often. She was my support during the time my husband and I had difficulty conceiving.

I continued to reminisce as I passed each mile marker of the race. Two portions of the race, the Clinton River Trail and the Paint Creek Trail, were paths on which my husband and I have taken our children (the ones I feared not having) for family walks.

I find it interesting to see how the different "paths" followed in life interconnect to make one journey that takes you onto the trails of the future. Each path has the potential to bring you to a crossroad that becomes a turning point in life, the experience of which shapes your character.

I successfully finished today's race, 1st for my age division and 3rd female overall with a running time of 01:29:08, an accomplishment that I hope has become a turning point that will direct the future path choices of my children. A lesson for them that no matter how old you become, you never stop striving to experience life.
A very cold me waiting for the race to begin.

A picture my son took of me crossing the finish line.

Shocked, but excited, about the results of today's race.

My children, the real "trophies" in my life.

The Award Ceremony after the race.



Anonymous Kirsten said...

Wow! Good for you girl. I am proud of you and I am sure you are proud of yourself. You are inspiring! Congratulations. Kirsten

October 8, 2009 at 9:32 PM 
Anonymous Bonnie said...

I loved reading about the life's lessons .. not just the outcome of the race. I ponder this in most of what I do. It's not often we read or see the deeper picture. Thank you so much for bringing more than just coming in first into your article. That is inspiring!!

October 11, 2009 at 2:28 PM 

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